Message me for information about virtual classes ! 

Update March 26th: Hi Families,
Hope you are hanging in there during this scary time. I know it is so difficult and confusing with small children at home. I find myself taking it on day at a time. I hope you have patience w/yourself and know that you are doing the best you can. They will be okay! :)

So with the new school closures now extended until the week of May 4th, I will plan to continue your Spring I session that next week( the week of May 12-June 23rd. ) This will give you your 7 weeks (since I did manage to get in the first week of Spring I classes and it was an 8 week session). This is my plan for NOW to offer your make up classes, but I realize this situation may change. That said I will be in touch with a plan if something new happens w/school closures.

Thank you so much for your constant support. I adore your families, and although I am doing virtual classes (and even did my first virtual birthday party!!!!!) I am missing being in person each morning w/you and your children! Stay safe and healthy and I will be in touch!

Warmly, Stacy Lake

                 Welcome To Small Singers and Shakers

**Your Child's Love of Music Begins Here!

                                                    Program Overview

Small Singers and Shakers is a music and movement class for children and their parent or caregiver. The class offers  mix-aged classes ranging from ages 0- 5 .  Your child will be introduced to new songs weekly, as well as repeat familiar ones to build routine, learn the lyrics and feel comfortable in confident. They will make their own music with various musical instruments, as well as move about to the beat of the music. Every child is a musical one they just need to be given the opportunity!

Small Singers and Shakers will also travel to your home or function hall for Birthday Parties or for Special Events such as Halloween Parties, Holiday Work Events for kids or for Mother's Clubs, Preschool Events and much more (see Birthday Party Section of website to hear more about parties and events)

What Does a Typical Class Look Like?

.Greet one another with a hello song each week with guitar

.Singing songs using words as well as sign language

.Repetitive songs and chants with visual props to go with them

.Dancing with scarves, parachutes or balls

.Acting out meaning of song through dance

.Introduction to different rhythm instruments


.Holidays/Seasons etc... introduced and reinforced through song and books

.Familiar books read and then acted out with song and dance

.Jam Session

.Lullaby on guitar

.Goodbye song on the guitar