Welcome To Small Singers and Shakers

**Your Child's Love of Music Begins Here!

                                                    Program Overview

Small Singers and Shakers is a music and movement class for children and their parent or caregiver. The classes are mixed ages from 0- 4  .  Your child will be introduced to new songs weekly, as well as repeat familiar ones to build routine, learn the lyrics and feel comfortable and confident. They will make their own music with various instruments and props I include in their music bag (one time purchase) as well as with other things I surprise them with weekly!  

Small Singers and Shakers will also travel to your home or function hall for Birthday Parties or for Special Events such as Halloween Parties, Holiday Work Events for kids or for Mother's Clubs, Preschool Events and much more (see Birthday Party Section of website to hear more about parties and events)

What Does a Typical Class Look Like?

.Greet one another with a hello song each week with guitar

.Singing songs using words as well as sign language

.Repetitive songs and chants with visual props to go with them

.Dancing with scarves, parachutes or balls

.Acting out meaning of song through dance

.Introduction to different rhythm instruments


.Holidays/Seasons etc... introduced and reinforced through song and books

.Familiar books read and then acted out with song and dance

.Jam Session

.Lullaby on guitar

.Goodbye song on the guitar