My name is Stacy Lake! I have a undergrad degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education,and then went on to receive my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Ed and Special Ed! I was a first and second grade teacher for seven years in Wellesley Public Schools and always found ways to incorporate songs, music and my guitar into my classroom!  Music was such a great way to encourage and increase learning! Over 12 years ago when I was home with my daughter I left the "formal" classroom and started Small Singers and Shakers.  I love making music with children. We sing familiar songs weekly at the start of class to build "routine" as well as encourage children to learn the words to these tunes, and be able to have a repertoire of songs they can independently sing and share with others.  The rest of the class is spent learning new songs,  using different instruments, props, scarves, puppets etc to reinforce learning, work on keeping a steady beat, and make the music come to life!  We end with a big jam session which is like "free play" with kids using what they have learned from class and making music of their own using all my different instruments (bells, drums, castanets, mini guitars, keyboards, triangles, etc.) to catchy background music.The class has a lot of movement as I don't expect little ones to sit still!  We keep busy and active during this 45 minute mixed ages 0-5 class!  Sign up now!