About Stacy Lake

I have a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.  I was a former early childhood teacher who taught for seven years in Wellesley, MA.  I used music daily in my first and second grade classroom to engage my students and enhance learning. I played the guitar, and found ways to incorporate music into different aspects of the day. I now have two girls of my own and want to share my love of music and learning with other families!  I have now been making music with little ones and their caregivers for over 12 years and continue to find ways to grow and expand as an educator! I love my job!

ClassesSmall Singers and Shakers is located in Mansfield, MA. It consists of a five week Spring II Session ( classes start the week of May 14th-June 11th  ).   The cost of the mixed age class is 70 dollars. There is a sibling discount (50 dollars)) and siblings under 8 months are free! Classes are limited to the first 16 children.

 Classes: (pick the one that works best for you! and circle that day and time on your registration form)

                                                        Mixed Ages 0-5

Tuesdays 6:15-7:00

Wednesday 9:30-10:15

Wednesday 10:25-11:10

Thursday 9:30-10:15

Thursday 10:25-11:10

Friday 9:30-10:15

Friday 10:25-11:10

And stay tuned for drop in classes where you pay by the class!!! These will be on website and/or facebook page!